Feng Shui Misconceptions: Qi does not equal Energy


In the west we don’t have a direct translation for the word Qi, and often it is mistranslated as “energy.” But western connotation of energy doesn’t quite suffice. (If you’re a physicist on some quantum metaphysical shit… you get it) Qi can be broken down into two categories: tangible and intangible. Tangible qi is more of the “energy” we speak of and can be objectively analyzed by western scientific method. Intangible qi is a bit more difficult for westerners to comprehend because it cannot be felt with our five senses or measured by science. It is observed and expressed through metaphor, imagination and correlation. Often times feng shui can be viewed as superstitious because this concept is unfamiliar/misunderstood.

One’s participation in relating to her environment by infusing meaning into objects and understanding their orientation,dynamics at play… aka intimacy with her home… can completely transform a space. This is what I call "good feng shui."

In a consultation adjusting qi is as much about physically making changes as it is about changing one’s viewpoint and deepening intimacy.

Why does any of this matter? To truly participate in creating your life (destiny meets free will) it helps to look at what is unconsciously, internally motivating your decisions. Your home mirrors this internal world. Your reality radiates from this space (read The Holographic Universe) . Drop in and attune.

Kyle FreemanComment