Feng Shui & Creative Chaos


Q. What are your thoughts on mess/disorganization as a form of creative expression? I live in a mess but vibe with it sort of for that reason although I hate it at the same time.


A. Yes! Love this question. There’s a lot of talk about decluttering and organizing your home, and I think creative chaos is an important element to weave into this dialogue. There is a fine line between organization stemming from self love and a desire to nurture yourself and your surroundings in order to participate more fully in the world vs. rigid control stemming from childhood wounding, lack of inner power and sense of safety... a desire to bury any pieces of yourself that are messy or less developed.

Allowing yourself to freely LIVE in your space is important. Allowing your “messy” unconscious patterns to show up in your space can provide insight that can help you GROW those parts of yourself. Where does your mess accumulate? When? What are these patterns? Feng Shui maps can be helpful tools here. If your home mirrors your internal landscape what can you learn from shining your awareness on these unconscious patterns and messages? 

I think your comfort in your creative chaos and mess means you have a strong desire to be free and alive, swim in your creative depths, expand and explore uncharted territory. HOWEVER, it is important to have techniques to put some boundaries around this. There is freedom in confinement. You do not want to drown in your creative depths. That is self-sabotage not self-love. This pattern can also stem from childhood wounding. If you grew up in chaos you may feel powerless to create your own sense of order and safety. You also do not want to get stuck in a loop: Is there a pattern that you have already gained insight on and now it is just simply boring, stagnant, inefficient and time to move on? Start to recognize when you start to feel that “hate vibe” you spoke of. The key will be timing here - recognizing this feeling as its coming not after you are in it. Use that same creative power to cultivate technique to organize, create structure, and put everything back in its place or to create a new environment for yourself.

There is a card in the Tarot deck, five of wands, that speaks to “creative chaos” and allowing this messy creative fire to come up and out of you like lava and melt and mold a new landscape for you to work within. One of my own patterns in my home is it starts to get messier and messier as I’m ready to change things around to serve whatever new phase in life I’m entering. My old environment and organization wasn’t going to serve me moving forward and an unconscious part of me knew it was time to break down the structures, systems, patterns in place and rebuild.

Attune to your own rhythms. Listen. Know how and when to flow into chaos and know how and when to build and rebuild your safe world of confinement. This is where true power and love is.

Kyle FreemanComment