Home Practice Video

I created this video to support my students in building the ritual of a daily home practice in-between our sessions together. In my ten years of teaching, I’ve found those who practice even as little as ten minutes a day see more benefits than those who practice a few times weekly. Showing up for your Self every day is where the magic lies. If you already work with me privately you have access to this video. For others, I’ve created a 30 day online package to customize the sequence and support you in developing the skills needed to self nurture. Purchase Here.


The sequence is simple, but don’t let that fool you. It is potent and deeply transformative. Recommended yoga props: a mat, a block (or two), a strap and a blanket

First Time:

Give it a full go. Try the 20 min video. Get familiar with the sequence. Commit to 30 days of daily practice (min. 10 minutes) as an experiment.

Moving Forward:

On days that you feel rushed shoot for ten minutes. Take a moment before you begin to tune into your body and based on the information you gather select a few poses from the sequence. Listening to your body in this way is a skill and a practice in and of itself. Be patient with yourself and be open to the joy of the process.

For the days you want to practice longer than 20 min. there are a few poses in the sequence that I suggest you build up to holding longer. If you feel up for the challenge pause the video during these poses and go for it. You also may want to add pranayama and/or meditation to the beginning/end.

*** There is a lot of instruction. Don’t worry if you miss some or a lot of the cues. The idea is that as you repeat the sequence you will become more familiar with the poses, and you will develop the capacity to take in more instruction. Eventually you may even want to mute the video and just listen to your own breath and insight.