Everyone has personal quirks that manifest as unique patterns in their body. We all like to use what we do well. Often injuries, illness, and/or discomfort are a result of overusing our strengths. My job is to point out these patterns and blind spots. We work to re-route your neurology so that you move in a more balanced and efficient way creating more space in your body to house your spirit. I’ve taught multiple styles of yoga over the past decade, and I draw from all of these traditions at times. However, most sessions I teach Katonah yoga combining taoist theory, hatha yoga, breathwork and meditation... a potent therapeutic blend. For clients outside of NYC, travel may be arranged for in person sessions and I also offer online sessions. Curious about what an in person session looks like? Watch here.










Feng Shui refers to the Chinese philosophical study of our relationship to our environment both man-made and natural. It examines qi patterns within environments, humans, and cosmological forces using complex theoretical systems that have been developed and refined by practitioners over thousands of years. We are all, consciously or not, influenced by the environments we spend time in. Through conscious relationship we can make connections and changes to our external environments that expand and shift our internal landscape. Read more about Feng Shui here. Curious how feng shui can benefit you? Purchase intro call here.